Date 1st December 2017
Society Civic Hall Amateur Players Society - Conwy
Director Jenny Phillips: Dave Stephenson
Musical Director Diane Dean
Choreographer Shari Barber-Bailey



I always enjoy a visit to CHAPS Pantomime. Apart from the warm reception I always receive at their productions, they always choose something to present which is a bit out of the ordinary. This year’s offering was no exception with Old King Cole.

The pantomime commenced with a rousing number from the Chorus which got the performance off to a good start. A commendable performance from Donna Jones as Dotty Dumplin, the Royal Cook, who had a good rapport with the audience and got them to join in the fun. There were plenty of ‘Boos’ served up for Martin Hill as Prince Peski, the King’s younger brother whose one aim in life was to take Old King Cole’s throne away from him, by fair means but all the more by foul. The other half of the awesome twosome was the Princess Pariah, Prince Peski’s evil wife who weaved her dreadful spells throughout the piece, and had great influence on Prince Peski, culminating in chilling performances from this duo. I liked the contribution from Florian, The King’s Aide played by Carole Woolley. Contrary to last year’s role as the bad ‘Queen Rattus’ in Dick Whittington, Carole gave an enlightening supportive role. Geoff Skelhorn did all that was required as Old King Cole whilst Teigan Crees-Jones was perfectly cast as Debbie, Dotty’s daughter. Shari Barber- Bailey demonstrated her stage craft with a faultless portrayal as Lady Dragonia, Pariah’s Mother. Definitely one to keep our eye on in the future was a superb performance from William Fraser, as Little King Cole. William gave us an admirable characterisation, word perfect, and confident in all tasks. The contribution from The Palace Entertainers, The Fiddlers Three, namely Sue Hughes, Angie Stevenson and Charlotte Stevenson, together with a group of young ‘Creatures’ were well received by the audience.

Chorus numbers were well executed but I think groupings on stage could have had a bit more imagination. Costumes were lavish to say the least and as the show progressed I felt that the cast grew in confidence and Iam sure any small hic-cups or first night nerves would be easily ironed out.

Looking forward to your next adventure. Thank you.