Off the Hook

Date 18th May 2012
Society Bolsover Drama Group
Venue The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover
Type of Production Play
Director Janet Koszegi


Author: Joyce Handbury

A pair of dubious villains break Harold Spook out of prison to help them retrieve a suitcase containing stolen money which has been hidden in Hook House Hotel. Soon after booking into the hotel the pair realise that he is the wrong Spook (there were two of them with the same name in prison) and worse still, he is a bit of a halfwit and could very easily jeopardize their plans. Derek Hulett was a natural for the role of the menacing Fred Baxter, the gang leader, whilst Chris Peck was perfect as his somewhat bungling side-kick and Istvan Koszegi excelled as the mild mannered, bemused Harold Spook. All three complemented each other and their amazing antics were hilarious. The hotel was owned by Major Catchpole played with misplaced snobbery by Ken Radmore and what fun Judith Doram had as his flirtatious sex-mad wife Norah, who pursued all the male guests but took a particular shine to Spooks -chasing him all over the place! Edna, Norah’s put-upon sister who is the hotel cleaner and general dogsbody, was superbly executed by Louise Sutton. Adding to the comedy of the situation was Mrs. Fletcher-Brewer JP on holiday with her daughter, Carol. Ruth Bonner was ideal for the role of the pompous JP and her daughter was delightfully, if rather quietly, played by Lianne Brunt. Towards the end of the play turning up to also collect the suitcase, is the ‘real’ Spook’s girlfriend, Polly, who of course, is recognised by Harold which leads to hilarious comings and goings. Lisa Brunt gave a polished performance as Polly and Mick Whitehouse was great as her hard-of-hearing, cantankerous father who in the end, turns the tables on Norah as he ‘chases’ her into the kitchen - just as the curtain falls! The set and props were excellent and full use was made of the numerous doors, stairs and the inevitable cupboard! A thoroughly enjoyable evening was certainly had by me and indeed, by the whole audience. Congratulations to everyone involved.

2012-05-18 Off the Hook