Neighbourhood Watch

Date 25th July 2014
Society Skegness Playgoers
Venue Skegness Grammar School
Type of Production play
Director Sharon Harris


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

Alan Ayckbourn is renowned for writing plays featuring the foibles and aspirations of mere humans. Neighbourhood Watch is no exception. The play begins when brother and sister Martin and Hilda Massie have just moved into their house and Martin took great exception to the sight of a youngster apparently trespassing in the garden. 'Flea in his ear' is the sort of reaction he had to that. Martin decided forthwith to start up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for the local area and enlisted several neighbours to be on the committee. These included Dorothy Doggett [a real gossip monger], Rod Trusser [ a stolid former security guard] and husband and wife Gareth and Amy Janner who had serious marital problems. We also met Magda Bradley, a quiet musician married to Luther.He can only be described as thuggish and belligerent. All the members of the cast played their parts extremely well. Ian Clarke as Martin was particularly notable. The action took place over almost five months and revealed all manner of secrets culminating in an unexpected result. The set was simple with suitable furnishings and props. The lighting was fine and the sound effects were very good. A most interesting play, it was extremely well presented.