My Three Angels

Date 26th April 2012
Society Rhiwbina Amateur Theatrical Society Cardiff
Venue Rhiwbina Memorial Hall, Rhiwbina, Cardiff
Director Carol Coleman


Author: Frank Wooles

Three men repairing a shop roof. Nothing too unusual, except that the year is 1910 on Devils Island, in sun-baked French Guiana, and the roofers are all convicts. They invite themselves to stay with the shop owner, wife and daughter for Christmas Day – sort out the shopkeeper’s problems, dispose of an evil grasping cousin who threatens ruination and rid them of an unsuitable suitor. Strong believers in truth and justice, these are indeed real-life angels.
Strong, beautifully contrasted and commanding performances by the convicts Joseph (Chris Coleman), Jules (Ian Jones) and Alfred (Steve Smith) brought out all the charm and humour in this delightful play.
Shopkeeper Felix Dulay (Chris Thomas), and his wife Emily (Annie Orchard), nicely caught the period and ‘frenchiness’ of the piece with Melanie Connors, sweetly naïve as their enamoured daughter Marie-Louise.
Tony Allen was thoroughly dislikeable as the cold, ruthless cousin Gaston, and Chris Powell, the unpleasant young man Paul. Jane Thomas, as a customer Madame Parole, and Rhys Stapleton, as Lieutenant Espoir, a more acceptable potential suitor for Marie-Louise, added further strength to this well-balanced, polished cast.
Carol Coleman’s pacey production had a light, Gallic touch and sense of era enhanced by a good, well dressed atmospheric set, built by the company.
An impressive production which adds to the society’s reputation for fine drama.