My Fair Lady

Date 4th April 2019
Society LOS Musical Theatre
Venue Lewes Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director David Foster
Musical Director Ben Knowles
Choreographer Collette Goodwin


Author: Brenda Gower

George Bernard Shaw ‘s “Pygmalion” was the basis of this hit musical which is still so much loved, first performed in 1956.  The storyline and the songs give one the feeling that its popularity will go on for ever and this production had all the freshness that one could hope for.  My sister and I had the original LP (long playing record for those too young to remember that sort of thing!) way back when and we played it so often that we still know all the words to the songs even to this day.  I promise that I was only singing them in my head while watching your show and not out loud!

All those taking part had been very well cast indeed so, starting with Eliza – Georgi Thorburn gave a stunning performance as the rags to riches girl, her wonderful cockney accent changing to “posh” in excellent fashion!  Hayden Cheyne was the ideal Henry Higgins, using his skill to play the Professor with aplomb.  Both had extremely good singing voices for the characters portrayed.

Lovely performances from Gill Garratt as Mrs Eynsford-Hill and Jack Allsobrook as her madly in love son Freddy, and Ian Foster gave us a Colonel Pickering who was supportive both of Eliza and the Professor in so many ways.

Then we come to Alfred Dolittle, a gem of a part and Andy Freeman was definitely the right man for the job creating great fun with his two mates, Jamie and Harry played by Matt Kent and Alistair Thorpe.

Mrs Pearce, the housekeeper, Mrs Higgins, the Professor’s mother and Professor Karpathy, the Professor’s rival in his trade are all great characters and handled so well by Libby Hannelle, Sarah Hall and Matt Kent.

There was excellent singing and dancing from the whole company with the servants’ chorus and the ensemble all doing so much to add to the enjoyment of the piece and great accompaniment was given by the hidden orchestra.

The ending was not one that we are used to but understand that this was how “Pygmalion” ends. However, I can perfectly understand that Eliza wouldn’t want to stay after being treated so abominably by the Professor!

All those behind the scenes responsible for set design and construction, sound, lighting, wardrobe, makeup and all those other jobs that are so important are to be congratulated for all their hard work as well as those who worked on the many facets of publicity including the programme – always colourful and a good read.  Don’t forget that you can enter the NODA programme competition.  If you are able to let me have 5 copies I will see they get to the right place.

Many thanks are due to Director David Foster, MD Ben Knowles and Choreographer Collette Goodwin for bringing together this lovely show.