Murder is Served

Date 17th June 2022
Society Civic Hall Amateur Players Society - Conwy
Venue The Memorial Hall, Llandudno Junction
Type of Production Play
Director Jenny Phillips


Author: Lyn Emmerson

The Company ‘served’ up an excellent evening of entertainment at their Production of this Dinner Theatre Mystery. As well as an intriguing ‘who done it’ the audience received a light meal and refreshments between scenes. Teams received a sheet of paper listing the cast, so each team could decide their murder suspect.

The play was set in Lyndsay’s restaurant and the occasion was a surprise birthday party for wealthy and overbearing Clarissa Hopgood. Janis Hopkins was a perfect choice for this role, never faltering with her script, whilst Margaret Norwood as Alice Roper, Clarissa’s Companion, pulled out all the stops trying to keep the old lady sweet. The comedy role was in the hands of Geoff Skelhorn as Juan Gonzales, the Spanish Chef, who maintained his accent throughout the piece, and earned much appreciation from the audience with his ‘alcoholic antics’.

Martin Hill was well cast as Restaurant Proprietor Toby Lindsay, trying desperately to please both staff and diners, whilst Sue Rogers took the role of waitress Delilah White with ease. Keith Wood as  Clive, was comfortable in his portrayal of Entertainer, together with his wife Gloria, played by Janet Davies. Patti Oliver and Julie Flanagan completed the cast as Julia, party guest, and Lady Penelope Greenwood, an old friend of Clarissa’s respectively.

The evening was well supported was by a very appreciative audience, but for the second time in a few weeks, after the audience questioning the cast, I failed to pick the culprit.!!

Thank you CHAPS, and may I say, Great to see you in action once again, and I look forward to your next production.   


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