Murder at the Cathedral and Stuck

Date 22nd June 2012
Society Waddington Dramatic Society
Venue Waddington Village Hall, Waddington, Lincoln
Type of Production Play
Director Margery Thompson and Amanda Crombie


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

Waddington D.S. chose to stage two one-act plays, both of them comedies. The first one, written by Ron Nicol, involved several members of a dramatic society. Their leader, played by Phil Darling, was determined to regain the winning trophy in the local drama festival. He played the part very well, as did Joan King as his wife. Amanda Crombie was suitably supercilious as Sally Kniight and the rest of the cast supported well. The script was peppered with what I would describe as 'gentle jokes'.

The second play,'Stuck' by Jim Nunn, found Margaret Walker [Hilary Wells] trying to rehearse the villagers for the Vicar's 25th Anniversary. The idea was to keep this a secret from him. Her Stage Manager, Deirdre, played extremely well by Margery Thompson, had problems opening the curtains. This led to further problems....and so the hilarity increased. It was good to see a number of youngsters taking part. they did well, and so did Joan King as the stroppy cleaner. Inevitably the Vicar [Phil Darling] turned up causing yet more mayhem. This was a very funny play.

For both these productions the sceneery was suitable, the sound and lighting effects were good and the costumes were fine.

Most enjoyable.