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Murdered to Death


25th November 2017


Clacton Amateur Dramatic Society


The West Cliff Theatre

Type of Production



Vicky Tearle


Author: Ann Platten

In the societies 70th Anniversary year it was fitting to choose this modern comedy, ”Murdered to Death”, which was first performed by the society in 2005 and two of the original cast reprised their roles again in this production, with Paul Welham as Inspector Pratt and Dave Turner as Colonel Craddock.

It was interesting to hear that the Author of the play Peter Gordon came to see this performance one evening and met the cast. I am sure he would have been delighted with the result.

The set as always was immaculate and well furnished and was used in both Acts.

With ten characters all so well played we had a great show lined up in this production.

Mildred played by Christine Easom was giving a house party and had invited Colonel and Mrs Craddock played by Dave Turner and Brenda White-Robinson together with Elizabeth Hartley- Trumpington and Pierre Marceau played by Charlotte Root and Alex Bass.

Dorothy played by Rosemary Sturgiss was Mildred’s companion and Bunting, a  butler/general dogsbody, played by Robert Easom.

 All of the cast I felt were really into their respective roles and gave a huge input to a hilarious performance.

Topping the cast were Kathryn Cavender as Miss Maple a spinster, and hoping to be invited to the party at Mildred’s, Keith Sippett as Constable Thompkins, so well played with timing, and Paul Welham as the bumbling, wonderful Inspector Pratt. Paul’s interpretation on this character was a masterpiece in acting, and the audience enjoyed the interaction between Thompkins and Inspector Pratt so much.

The scenes involving Inspector Pratt and the Constable Thompkins were brilliant and had the audience in stiches at so many amusing incidents, especially one involving the telephone, which had to  be seen to be believed. I am sure that rehearsals must have been such fun.

We really enjoyed all the numerous twists and turns in the play all coming unexpectedly.

The wardrobe for the cast deserves a mention, so well thought out with the ladies in such elegant dresses and the gents very dashing.

The society have built up a very dedicated following with actors and members alike, also a loyal audience and I hope their success continues for many more years.

Thank you for a very enjoyable show, your hospitality and meeting up with so many friends who have always been so helpful over many years.