Mother Goose

Date 21st February 2020
Society Colstars
Venue Coliseum Theatre - Aberdare
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Derek Williams
Musical Director Tim Murray
Choreographer Julie Griffiths


Author: Allan Mears

Mother Goose - this is not one of the most popular titles, but it is very traditional - the story follows Mother Goose and her family who stumble across a special goose ‘Priscilla’ who lays golden eggs.

Mother Goose played by Damon Miles carried off the slightly whacky portrayal well, worked the audience from his first entrance and sustained the rapport throughout the pantomime.

Willy Goose played by Elis Myers-Sleight got the audience on his side right from the start, enthusiastic, funny and had the role of the silly son down to a’T’.

Polly Peacock played by Mia Edwards had the right degree of innocence, sweetness and a charming manner. Her singing was very strong. Good strong performance, good diction.

Fairy Goosedown played by Zoe Phillips looked the part and delivered the rhyming lines well, timing and interaction with the audience were just right.

Demon Duckdown played by James Dyer dominated the sinister side of the stage. looking every inch the part. great diction and an awesome laugh. Deviously evil and deserved every Hiss and Boo!

Squire Peacock played by Derek Williams was both funny and mean in equal measures.

Queen Goose played by Megan Jones had clear diction and showed command. delivered her script with excellent timing.

Priscilla the Goose played by Bethan Thomas flapped her wings and danced around the  stage. A huge costume which I’m sure was very hot to wear and an obvious hit with the audience.

The casting was strong. Colstars are fortunate to be able to call on such talented actors, of all ages. The junior ensemble performed really well, very animated and they projected well.

All were supported by a good band, together with good costumes and a bright set,