MMAD's Jukebox

Date 4th May 2018
Society Melksham Music and Drama
Venue Rachel Fowler Hall, Melksham
Type of Production Musical
Director Kevin Hodges
Musical Director Kevin Hodges
Choreographer Katie Mence & Penelope Taylor


Author: Dee Way

The concept of the show was simple and straightforward, with presentation being similar to a live concert with microphone stands and recorded backing tracks. The black box set worked very well, especially with the extra height given at the back corners.  The use of a moveable box also helped to create different heights and arrangements of people for the big numbers. It was a very creative production with some lovely duets and harmony singing.  Asking the cast to reproduce iconic movie scenes and moves was an idea that worked very well.

Costumes were very well planned with minimal changes over a basic black outfit. The lighting was good although occasionally a little late – something I am sure was corrected on subsequent performances.  Sound was good on the whole, and the balance between the recorded music and the singers was excellent. It was lovely to hear some of my favourite songs sung live again!

The singing was extremely good in nearly every number, while the unaccompanied singing was tuneful with good harmonies and balance, good timing and pitch. The moves to the songs were excellent!  There was a lot of variety in the moves and everyone stayed together and moved with ease.  It looked fantastic!  The benefit of having a trained dancer in the company to help with choreography and performances is becoming clear!

Overall it was an evening of excellent musical entertainment that was thoroughly enjoyed by your audience. Congratulations to you all for giving us such a good evening!