Date 12th July 2012
Society Hayling Musical Society
Venue Station Theatre, Hayling
Type of Production Musical
Director Kim Budd
Musical Director Mike Balston


Author: John E Thomas

Overall a first class production with some clever use of entries in what is a small and fairly limited space. I liked the way the curtains and backcloths were used to allow movement of scenery which did not distract the audience and even when movement was visible it was still no problem. The walkway was a superb touch as it provided an added dimension and allowed the principals to move from one scene to another which greatly aided continuity. Excellent performances with very few mistakes from all the principals! Leading the way especially though were Daniel Wallage as Nanki Poo and Jessica Brake as Yum-Yum. Generally the solos and part songs were good throughout the show. The voice production of the members of cast without their own mikes was quite good but they do need to always project their voices to maintain the balance with the cast members who have mikes. There was generally good movement from the chorus but they do need to sing louder as it was almost impossible to hear them at times! There was good playing on the whole from the orchestra with what was quite a small group but there is a need to watch the speed in three or four of the vocal numbers as it meant the singers had to work very hard to produce all the words clearly. Even though they were on the stage at the side at no time were they too loud. A very good show well appreciated by a full audience!