Midsummer Nights Dream

Date 3rd July 2019
Society Class Act Theatre Company
Venue The Royal British Legion, Sedbury
Director Louise Marsh


Author: Sharon Davies

This production was performed by the 10 to 14 year olds, and what a production.
A simple effective set and lovely costumes, but the stars of the show were the cast.
They bowled me over with the confidence and ability they had, they did not falter over the old English wording, and they all seemed to understand what they were saying, it did not appear to be learned by rote.
The diction was, overall, clear and the audience could hear it.
It would be unfair, given the ages of this cast, to single out a very few performances for mention, in this review, as all the characters seemed well cast.  Star crossed lovers, elegant fairies, a pompous Oberon, and Puck, all played their parts well. The cast of players gave us a good performance as the slightly inept actors and the scene where they put on the play was very funny, but shining out in this production was Jeanie Nemeth as Bottom/Pyramus. She had was visually funny and had good comic timing.
The hour that this production lasted just flew by and even if you were not a fan of Shakespeare you had to be impressed with this production.
Well done to everyone involved, you have obviously worked hard and it showed.
I really enjoyed this show and I look forward to your next production.