Me & My Girl

Date 24th May 2012
Society St Dunstans Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society
Venue St Dunstan's Parish Centre, Moston, Manchester
Type of Production Musical
Director Pam Dyson
Musical Director John G Barry


Author: Sharon Drummond

Choreographer: Majorie Catlow

  This show had the disadvantage of being shown on one of the hottest weeks we have had in many a long while. On arriving the committee were concerned that people wouldn’t show up as it was such a beautiful evening. How wrong they were! The hall was packed and extra seats were being put in just before the show started. I really felt for the cast performing in the heat, under lights and in many heavy costumes. Never has the opening number of Act 2 been more apt! “The sun certainly did have his hat on”   The set although basic worked well, the lighting plot was good with a couple of shakes on follow spot and the costumes looked wonderful. Props were kept to a minimum.   The Orchestra sounded lovely under the baton of John G Barry who is becoming a stalwart at St Dunstan’s but who is growing in stature and command of the shows he musically directs.   Space on the stage was at a premium and there was a very big cast for this show. The Director Pam Dyson had worked hard to stop the stage looking over crowded and the same goes for Majorie Catlow who kept the dance moves basic to cater for mixed ages and abilities as well as lack of space.   Paul Hancox did a good job as Bill Snibson, and worked well opposite Susan Milligan as Sally. Both sang beautifully but I would’ve preferred to hear the songs sung in London accents as their dialogue was. Nice acrobatics into your bowler hat Paul and both worked hard on the tap routine.   Paul Martin put in a solid performance as Parchester the family solicitor and the smaller principal roles were all well filled. Stella O’Reilly was fabulous as Maria with well delivered posh, acidic lines and a lovely singing voice. Steve Kossowicz was brilliant as Sir John with absolutely spot on delivery of lines.   Philip Brady looked and sounded the part of Gerald but some of the funny lines were lost in the delivery and for me Victoria Lord although looking the part wasn’t commanding or bossy enough as Lady Jaqueline and again some of both her dialogue and lyrics in songs were too softly delivered. Nice performances which just needed a stronger delivery because of the characters.   The whole company, orchestra and backstage crew worked their socks off in a heat which had the audience uncomfortable and rushing outside for air at the interval so I can only admire them all for a super show,