Matilda The Musical Jr.

Date 26th February 2022
Society The CTC
Venue The Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge
Type of Production Musical
Artistic Director Bridie Horne
Director Erin Simpson
Musical Director Erin Simpson
Choreographer Rosie Fuller


Author: Catherine Dixey

This was my first show of the year, with others being cancelled due to Covid and indeed this was also CTC’s first show.  The excitement in the audience was evident even before the curtain went up, and all the children in the cast were so delighted to be back again after 2 years. As any parent knows it is very difficult to temper overexcitement down to a manageable level. This wonderful team of ladies directing had achieved that to perfection. The cast of 58 of CTC’s juniors all came across well rehearsed with energy, enthusiasm and no little talent in abundance.

The cast were aged  between 4 and 14, apart from Miss Trunchbull.  Bridie had also organised understudies for the leads with those  having  to  learn 2 different roles.  Matilda (Grace Boyton) the highly intelligent girl dreams of a better life and by standing up for herself inspires her classmates to do likewise against the wrongs that are being inflicted by Miss Trunchbull the school’s Headmistress. Grace sings her songs with confidence and her strong will is evident. Her school teacher Miss Honey (Maisie Scott) is impressed by Matildia’s capabilities. A part she plays with compassion and reflects this in her songs.  Miss Trunchbull (Ethan Willetts) plays the school’s headmistress  who hates children, and comes across as a very wicked woman. Well done Ethan playing a very difficult role.

Congratulations to Rosie Fuller for her choreography, the dancing was excellent, with all of her cast in time with each other.  Also to Erin Simpson for directing such a large cast of highly excitable children impeccably and then to also be musical director for 12 numbers, she deserves a medal!  I particularly liked the song “When I Grow Up” with its harmony. A great achievement with such a youthful cast.The children had been split up into groups, with only the odd occasion when all the cast were on stage together, so the stage had not looked overcrowded. Some of the children also moved props and I was told they had been very proud to be asked, a task they did confidently. The lighting was very effective against a black backcloth, with just a couple of multi sided standing oblong cubes which were rotated giving plenty of room on stage for this large cast yet whilst still providing the necessary “change”.

Well done to all the cast, a show you can be proud of on your onward path with The CTC,  and as usual with an excellent team of directors and choreographers and with all those behind the scenes always there doing an excellent job.