Made in Dagenham

Date 7th October 2016
Society LOS Musical Theatre
Venue Lewes Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Jon Borthwick
Musical Director Ian White
Choreographer Collette Goodwin


Author: Brenda Gower

One would never think that a film depicting a true life situation of industrial action could be turned into a successful musical but the writers certainly proved that this coud be done and LOS have made their production into a delight for their audiences.

The set was ideal in every way for what went on - even to the extent of bringing a Ford Cortina onto the stage. There were many scene changes, all handled incredibly well by the stage crew dressed in boiler suits showing that they were an integral part of the factory work force.

All the principal parts were cast extremely well and those concerned gave their characters just what was needed. A great cast altogether with the smaller parts, factory workers and dancers all adding to the excellence. All the songs and dialogue came over very well with the band (situated behind the scenes) never overpowering.

The programme was a really good read, especially the local story in connection with equal pay for women. Us women have a lot to thank the Dagenham girls for!  Congratulations to Director Jon Borthwick and all involved.