Mad About Musicals

Date 2nd November 2012
Society Tavistock Musical Theatre Company
Venue The Wharf, Tavistock
Type of Production Revue
Director Julian Bennett
Musical Director Sarah Gard
Choreographer Patti Stott


Author: Michael Simpson

This was a well thought-out revue of some of the major musicals past and present.

The first half was dedicated to the older shows, with songs by Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and Gilbert and Sullivan. The second half brought us more up-to-date with music from Cabaret, Chicago, Les Miserables, Martin Guerre and finishing with Mamma Mia.

Shows of this type give all members of the company to sing without the added stress of learning lines and then acting them out. This society has some very good soloists.

All the ensemble were well directed, especially the gentlemen, who were spot-on with their routines.

The pairing in the duets were very complimentary in both halves of the programme.

Special mention to the ladies in the numbers from 'Cabaret' and 'Chicago' - and in particular the 'Cell Block Tango'. I also liked the number from 'Chess' - 'I know him so well'. Although written as a duet, performing it as a sextet worked exceedingly well, which was similarly seen in 'Tell me it's not true' from 'Blood Brothers', in which the Director used nine singers.

Although I confess to not knowing 'Martin Guerre', the two songs that were used were very well sung.

My only small criticism was with the tap routine. It wasn't perfectly in-time with the music and not sharp enough.

The three piece music ensemble was very pleasant to hear and never over-powered the vocalists.

The costumes were delightful and the lighting and small use of props was adequate.

All in all, this was a lovely evening's entertainment.