Lost and Last Tango in Grimley

Date 23rd April 2022
Society Edenbridge Players Amateur Dramatic Society
Venue WI Village Hall, Edenbridge
Type of Production Play
Director Julia Bennett and Caroline NewmanJane Thorton and David Tristram


Author: Gordon Harris


It’s the first day of Scarborough’s summer season, Tom and Chelsea have holiday jobs at a hotel. So when the Palm Court Boys band are delayed, Tom and Chelsea decided they must fill in their slot, with their take on Len and Betty, guests at the hotel. Len and Betty whose fifty year old marriage has run aground on holiday.

A two hander is not easy at the best of times, but Charlie Edelsten (Tom) and Beth Paice (Chelsea) took on these roles, although a little young for being married for 50 years I looked past that and my imagination took over. This couple bounced off each other and their accents were excellent. Julia Bennett's direction was creative with a simple set, making the play roll along nicely. Well done Julia for taking this piece and making it enjoyable, and certainly entertaining. I did notice no wedding ring or rings - it's the little things that count sometimes.


Caroline Newman, I think you must have been on a committee or two to get it so right!!! It was a bit spooky that the Chairman's name is Gordon. I’ve served on my Society's committee for many many years and am now their President, so this play is so close to my heart, a good slagging-off of other members of the committee happens all the time, it's a fact.

Steve Jones (Chairman) took the lead with his stubbornness and with Andrew Robinson, Wendy Wilson and Maxine Ledger, this play was hilarious in places and the characterisations of all were superb. We had it all, love, hate, Wendy’s bitchiness, Maxine’s vulnerability, and Andrew's arrogance - we got it all on this committee. Well done Caroline for making this play so enjoyable with your great direction.