Little Shop of Horrors

Date 21st April 2023
Society Abergavenny Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society (AAODS)
Venue Clarence Hall, Crickhowell
Type of Production Musical
Director Kira Bissex
Musical Director Alys Le Moignan
Choreographer Meg Trinder


Author: Sharon Davies

From the start I was impressed with the fresh new feel to this production.

The set was simple but very effective and that made for quick scene changes. Well done Ashley
Phillips Design

Crystal (Sian Hollister) Chiffon (Meg Trinder) and Ronnette (Cath Noakes) kept the show running
with great voices, excellent harmonies and great choreography.

Luke Williams was perfect for the part of Seymour, timid and mild mannered, which he kept up
throughout the production. It was a very good portrayal, well done.

Alys le Moignan as Audrey was vulnerable, brow beaten and a natural victim, the whole audience
felt for her, which is just as it should be. Her duet with Seymour was delightful. To me this was a
perfect pairing.

Orin (Alex Brown) was suitably manic in his Role and Mr Mushnik (Kerrigan Heffernan) was suitably
grumpy. I could not fault the casting of this show.

The ensemble worked extremely hard and with only 12 in the cast they managed to look and sound
as if there were more. Well done to you all.

I have seen several productions of this show. And I have, on several occasions, been disappointed
with “The Plant” but the casting of Chelsea Viveash as Audrey 2 was not what I was expecting but,
my goodness, it was brilliant. Back lit and behind a gauze she seemed to grow(like the plant) as the
show went on. Her costume was just right, and she looked and sounded menacing both with
dialogue and vocals

Well done to the production team for taking this bold step. It was worth it, you gave us a brilliant
show which we all enjoyed. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Thank you for inviting me and again many congratulations.