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Little Red Riding Hood


18th January 2018


Harlequin Pantomime Productions


Perton Civic Centre Perton Wolverhampton

Type of Production



Alf Rai

Musical Director

Tim Harding


Lisa Farmer


Author: Jean Beard

It was good to see a pantomime that was out of the usual run of the mill. All the well loved nursery rhyme characters were on stage and costume characterisation was so good they didn’t need any introductions. Dame Delia Dumpty (Paul Bowman) had a different costume for every appearance and as many different wigs. Jack (Gary Robinson) and Jill (Lisa Farmer) kept the story moving along and together with the 3 Little Pigs, Rasher Trotter (Kate Pingree-Webber), Streaky (Kelly Ashman) and Rodney (Ben Perry) kept the laughs coming.

The Big Bad Wolf (Dom Napier) was the nasty villain and really looked the part. Excellent make-up. His booming voice and laugh certainly frightened me and I would have not risked his displeasure. Love interest was provided by Little Red Riding Hood (Szara Hamilton-Clay) and Ed Wood (David Ball) and their love duets were charming. The other love interest was between Dame Dumpty and Ed’s father, woodcutter Howood (Alf Rai). You certainly wouldn’t want to stop that romance. Granny (Charlotte Harding) was a “way out” Granny that I’m sure every child would like in their family. If you add a Mayor Albion Bromwich-West (Amias Perry) who hates Wolves, A Fairy (Natalie Maynard) and all the other characters it was an evening of fun and music for the family. Highlight for me was the selection of Jersey Boys songs performed in great style by the 3 Little Pigs. There was also “The Campfire Song” and good audience participation for “Way to Amarillo”.

 Hospitality was first class and my thanks to immediate past Chairman, Peter Pingree, for looking after us so well. Best wishes for a speedy return to good health Peter.