Little Mermaid

Date 5th July 2019
Society Newport Pantomime & Musical Society
Venue Pantomine Hall
Director Gerald Needs
Musical Director Gareth Rawle-Jones
Choreographer Vanessa Clarke


Author: Sharon Davies

Who amongst us doesn’t love a Disney production? This show is ideal for the youth groups its bright colourful and I think everyone knows the story.
Evie Langley as Ariel gave a good confident performance and carried the character throughout and I loved Scuttle (Ffion Bassett) and Flounder ( Shania Siriwardena).
The Evil Ursula (Maya Rawle-Jones) along with Flotsam and Jetsam (Ffion and Megan Norris) gave us the menace tempered with humour. Well done.
King Triton (Thomas Bassett) Prince Eric (Jake Larcombe) and Grimsby (Poppy Smith) all good performances
Daisy Smith as the Chef had us laughing aloud. Most of the chorus members had multiple roles and they all did very well.
Outstanding performance however goes to Zackery Stone as Sebastion. He stole the show and his “Under the Sea” number was the best I have heard for a while, even from adult performers. We must keep an eye on him.
The singing, both soloists and chorus, was great and all had obviously worked very hard, all thanks to Gareth.
Costumes were bright and colourful and the choreography, as usual with Vanessa, was good and set to the ability of the performers, Vanessa has 50yrs of experience and it shows.
The set was good and moved efficiently, no mean feat with such a small area to work with.
Well done on another lovely production.