Lilies on the Land

Date 18th May 2013
Society Port Sunlight Players
Venue Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight
Type of Production Play
Director Liz Sharp


Author: Christine Hunter Hughes

This is a most unusual play in that it is a series of snippets of true stories as recalled by members of the Land Army during the Second World War.

The open set was very good – and many congratulations to the props and costume ladies who did a simply excellent job.  Both the sent and the costumes took us instantly back to the correct era.  I must also congratulate the lighting crew – another excellent job – great effects – always on time – superb!  The sound was good – the original recordings of the speeches and radio broadcasts also helped to set the time frame, and the records of the time were much appreciated by the older members of the audience.

I am full of admiration for the four ladies who played the land army girls – I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to learn those lines – which were not really dialogue but rather a series of short passages relating one or other incident, but not necessarily to each other.  There was hardly any dialogue as such between the four leading ladies.  Many congratulations also to the six cast members who, quite literally, sat on the benches throughout the whole play - in costume but not really in character as each of them played different characters.

There was certainly some good acting, and facial expressions were very good, a couple of the cast did tend to rush lines which made them somewhat difficult to hear.  What did impress me greatly was the obvious respect that the cast had for the real Land Army Girls – that came across very strongly – and made the poignancy of the reminiscences very real.  

It was certainly a very interesting evening of theatre – and my congratulation go to the director, and everyone connected in any way with this highly unusual production – it must have been a challenge for all concerned.  Thank you also for your very warm welcome on my first visit to Port Sunlight and best wishes for Billy Liar in October.