Lights Up (Variety Show)

Date 15th January 2018
Society Stevenage Lytton Players
Venue The Lytton Theatre
Type of Production Concert
Director Louise Edwards
Musical Director Michael Dahl Rasmussen


Author: Vicki Avery

“Lights Up” was a compilation of music, sketches, poetry, magic and dance performed by some 24 members of The Stevenage Lytton Players celebrating their 70th Anniversary.

The performance opened with the company singing “Smells Like Red Red Wine” unaccompanied. The harmonies were well controlled but you were concentrating so hard you forgot to smile. There was a brief moment when the sopranos went a little flat but you brought yourselves back on line and all ended well.

Di Barton gave us two perfectly annunciated items. “The Unicorn Song” and her take on Joyce Grenfell’s ever-popular “Flowers”. Well-done Di diction was perfect.

Fay Compton gave us the poem “The Guy In The Glass.” A little nervous at first but you found your rhythm and composed yourself admirably. The contempory dance complemented the poem and the dancers worked very well together. This was my favorite item of the evening.

The boys performing “Gumboots” an old Australian bush song gave the audience a chance to join in with the chorus. I lost count on how many bottles of wine had to be drunk in order to hang the corks around your hats. Rehearsals must have been fun!!!

The first half ended with “The Hospital Sketch”. This was great fun and not too difficult to follow but the slick play on words was very clever and the audience enjoyed it immensely. 

The second half opened with Bollywood Dancing to get us all in the mood after an excellent light supper, yum!!

The Barber Shop gave us a very accomplished rendition of “For The Longest Time” and I enjoyed this item very much.

The Bomb Disposal soliloquy was very well performed by Ian. The timing of the pauses was very good. Giving the audience time to imagine what was being said on the other end of the telephone.

“I’ll Be Seeing You” was a section in the show for reminiscence. Not a moment for sadness but rather a celebration of the numerous musicals that the society have performed over the past 70 years and the costumes that were made and worn by the company. Well done, a lovely idea.

The Shambles, dare I say performed, a rather naughty offering of “If I were Not A …..” So predictable but so much fun. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Mike Steele gave us his rendition of that gruesome tale of multiple murders, “The Irish Ballad.” Great facial expression given here and I am sure Mike enjoyed telling the tale as much as we enjoyed listening to it. What a trooper.

Comparing through out the show was the very affable Rob Pace. You worked your audience well and found their level very quickly. The writing and performing of a poem made up from words given to you by members of the audience was very clever indeed and your chitchat between acts was just the right length.

The evening ended with the whole company, lead by Jaysica Marvell, singing “Somebody To Love.” This was very moving and I applaud Jaysica for at last showing us what a great voice she has. Well done to you all.

John and I had great evening and with Bob and Linda as the perfect hosts, how could it fail. Thank you and congratulations to you all.