Date 22nd February 2020
Society Nottingham West Music & Drama Society
Venue Kimberley School Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Emma Heydon
Musical Director Gareth Wynne
Choreographer Rae Schudder, Jane Clarke, Emma Heydon, Julie Castledine


Author: Martin Holtom

Legally Blonde is one of the most popular Musicals performed in the East Midlands and I have therefore had the pleasure of attending and reviewing many productions by the various Musical Theatre societies in the area.  I am happy to say that this production by NOWMADS was one of the most original and energy filled productions I have seen with minimal set ensuring the action flowed almost continually and didn’t detract from the acting and vocal performances of the great ensemble cast and principals.

To make this high energy non-stop action possible it was clear that show was very well directed by Emma and her choreography team, using all the theatre facilities available and bringing out both the verbal/slapstick humour and #MeToo culture within the established American Legal profession.  Gareth, who I have had the pleasure of working with in Derby, interpreted the musical superbly at all times and it was clear the attention to detail he had brought throughout the rehearsal period in the crisp, clear vocal performances from all on-stage performers.

Laura Collins was excellent as Elle, vocally and dramatically. Hardly ever off stage except for many quick changes, she brought the perfect twinkle of preppy innocence coupled with a laser mind to the role throughout.   Tom Bailey was also just right as Emmett developing the character well especially in his protection of Elle from the inappropriate advances from the Legal establishment.   

Hannah Chamberlaine was one of the most enjoyable Paulettes I have seen, bringing the funny without falling into the trap of overacting.  Her “Ireland” number was one of the highlights of the first Act.  The other principals and ensemble all gave great performances. In fact, it was the way the team clearly enjoyed each other’s company and supported one another in every scene that made the evening soo successful.

The choreography from the very talented team did not disappoint with the highlight being “Whipped into Shape” from both a precision and energy perspective.  The Band were outstanding and always worked sympathetically with the on-stage performers.

The set was refreshingly simple; costumes props and the excellent lighting all added to the overall visual effect, and Bruiser (really?) and Rufus behaved very well indeed! This was a fun musical and very well prepared, congratulations to all and see you again soon.