Date 30th January 2016
Society Ballywillan Drama Group
Venue Riverside Theatre, Coleraine
Director Brian Logan
Musical Director Eric Boyd
Choreographer Sharon Logan


Author: Sheelagh Hobart

Gillian Brown played Elle (the titular blonde) - starting as ditsy fashionista and progressing to Harvard Law student, with assurance. Her relationship with ambitious boyfriend, Warner (Shea Eastwood) was suitably awkward, while immerging feelings for Teaching Assistant Emmett were well managed. Sensible and lovable Emmett (Alan McClarty) always carried the audience with him. Richard Mairs played sleasy Professor Callahan in totally believable manner. Elle’s Delta-Nu sorority friends supported her as a Greek Chorus - all played their parts with terrific energy.  Fellow law students, including Warner’s mean new girlfriend Vivienne (Sabrina McKinney) and feminist Enid (Kellyann McKillen), gave good sometimes stylised, performances.

Maxine McAleenon took the role of quirky hairdresser Paulette with a wonderful variety of coloured wigs! Her abusive ex-partner Dewey (Tom Waddell) bravely depicted the complete slob, while Paul Cullen was muscular delivery-man Kyle. These smaller roles made lasting impressions!  Brooke (in the dock accused of murdering her husband) was energetically played by Laura Fisher. “Whipped into Shape” with featured dancers was amazing! In Court, Joel Murphy and Leon Woods played wonderfully over-the-top “gay boys” Nikos and Carlos! All minor roles (too many to mention individually) and ensemble pieces were well covered and fully engaged in the action. Finally – the two dogs behaved impeccably!

Costumes were all authentic, especially the ‘pink’ for Elle. The set was 2 clever four-sided boxes on individual revolves and scene changes were efficient.  Lighting was excellent and Sound well-balanced between orchestra stage left, and voices. Choreography was energised and well rehearsed. Finale Faux Irish dancing was hilarious! Brian Logan did an excellent job, always moving the show at a fast pace.