Laying the Ghost

Date 11th September 2014
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast Theatre Rainham
Type of Production Play
Director Julia Larkin..


Author: Gordon Harris

Margot Buchanan is a aging ex-actress in a theatrical retirement home. Its her Birthday.  She’s visited by the young actress who’s having an affair with Margot’s ex-husband Leo, and by Leo’s current wife Judy. Leo arrives unexpected but suffers a heart attack. Thus the scene is set for confusion as Leo’s ghost appears, anxious to sort out matters between the three women, and he’s only heard and visible to Margot’s scatty psychic friend Freda.

This play by actor Simon Williams is an evening of good up-to-date farce. It had all the quality of the classic stage comedies but spiced up with slightly fruitier dialogue than you would have previously heard from our more senior actors, would have dared to say. This is a jolly piece of theatre ably Directed by Julia Larkin and handled well by the cast. The strong cast were on form, but I thought at times could have been a little more over the top theatrically in characterization.  Jan Wyatt as Margot headed this cast along with Steve Berry as Leo these two worked well together and Fran Daschner as the dotty psychic Freda had most of the comedy lines and these were executed with precision.  Caroline Freemantle as Mrs Kid towered over the cast and this gave her domination she so needed for this part. The girl friend Sadie played by Faye Wyatt and the current Lady Buchanan Claire Feekings were as different as chalk and cheese and this certainly showed.  All in all this was a good thought out play and of course as normal a great set and props as to be expected from RaTs.