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La Traviata


21st April 2012


Mossley Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society


All Hallows Church Hall, Allerton,Liverpoo

Type of Production

Grand Opera


David Palmer

Musical Director

John Flood


Author: Wendy Newton

This was such a refreshing Production !! With the performance on Floor level,
it gave an intimate feel which drew the Audience in…it was absolutely riveting !
Opera Viva are just 2 yrs old ,but who would have thought it …?!
The Production Team :- David Palmer (Director) John Flood (Musical Director).
Obviously extremely experienced in their field, they brought out the best in their cast which resulted in a really memorable presentation….for all the right reasons.! The direction of the characters both on acting and singing ability was presented with such attention to detail, and professionalism, it had the audience captivated.
Louise Geatch (Violetta) and Howard Hutt (Alfredo) both roles portrayed brilliantly and complimented each other with such feeling and sensitivity, so convincing and in fine voice, with superb diction and neither put a note wrong !
Valery Watts (Flora) and Caroline Shipton( Carla) supported their respective “friends” with panache and equally embraced the individuality of their characters, they too sang with strength great diction, “sold“ the story and commanded the set without upstaging Violetta and Alfredo.. very clever.
David Palmer (Giorgio Germont, Alfredo’s Father) was everything that you would imagine the character to be with those dulcet tones required for this role, the strength of which resonated around the hall which put goose bumps on goose bumps ! Totally believable, one moment nasty pasty, mean and manipulative and the next moment sympathetic and sensitive. Fabulous David !
All of the supporting roles were equally well portrayed . All sang well had great diction and suited their roles, along with a fabulous Chorus who supported their Principals with great strength and discipline managing not to “over-do” it and showing good light and shade when needed ,following the Baton of their M.D. with the utmost attention.
Indeed a mention must go to the Vocal Coach :John Peace who did a sterling job getting excellent results.
There just wasn’t any weak links, the open floor-set lent itself perfectly particularly to this Opera, even the change of scenes were seemingly meant to be part of the setting of the scene ( if that makes sense) with attention to detail, just the change of flowers, screen, tables and cloths created interest for audience and enhanced the depiction of the different times and places. This was all eloquently done by Viv Sharpe who also provided the most superb costume, and the cast were all truly immaculate. Not a hair out of place, matching jewels and in the case of the Gents every wing collar pristinely starched.
Because of the close proximity of the audience ..every intricate detail could be noticed and enjoyed…I certainly did !……. What a talented lot you are !?
Congratulations to the whole Company ,Committee, Cast Crew and Front of House .
Thank you for a wonderful evening’s entertainment and for you your lovely hospitality.