King and I

Date 11th April 2013
Society Three Towns Theatre Company
Venue Brooke Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Becci Farley
Musical Director Martyn Clements
Choreographer Chole Pemble


Author: Gordon Harris

·       Perfect  Production

·       Enthusiastic Cast

·       Realistic Dance

·       Fantastic  Orchestra

·       Effortless Scene Changes

·       Colourful Costumes

·       Terrific Sound and Lighting.     

The Three Towns Production of the 'King and I' at the Brooke Theatre this week can be summed up in one word PERFECT.

I won't bore you with the story ,we all know it...!

Director Becci Farley took this enthusiastic company, and directed this production to perfection, with good spacing on the small Brooke stage, with not moving her principles to much it gave the show a new dimension of depth.

Chole Pemble's choreography was very realistic to the area of Siam. Even in the longest scene ever in a musical, Uncle Tom's cabin ballet, which was effortless danced by her dancers.

c musical direction both in Orchestra, Principals and chorus was, once again fantastically executed.

Pen Taylor as Costume Manager certainly had her eye on colour and detail and it showed.

The set was simplistic, but it worked well, and the stage crew headed by Louise Parrott made the show flow along, with swift set changing. Lighting by David Beaumont and Niel Michaelides and sound Daniel Stocking made this 'King and I' very pleasing on the eye.

Tony Harrold by now one of Medway's seasoned actors took on the role of The King, and looked very much the King, his acting in this huge role was superlative both in voice and song. Debbie Davis was very pleasant in the role of Anna. LadyTiang played by Gwyneth Loft lead the wives of the King and looked stunning  acted beautifully, and sounded good in this role. Samantha Grace and Richard McBride the juvenile love interest Tuptim and Lun Tha looked as if they were in love, if not, they convinced us so, their voices certainly gelled together perfectly. A very stern Kralahome both in acting, stature, and voice played by John Bishop. Captain Orton and Sir Edward Ramsey..Bill Clynshaw in my opinion, there wasn't enough transition between the two characters'.

Samuel Loft and Jason Baker as Louis Leonowens and Prince Chululongkorn not easy roles but Samuel is a great little actor and Jason was great on the drums!! they carried these roles well. As did Aiden Loft and Graham Cook in minor roles.

To sum up ...need I say more, perfect in all aspects of the amateur theatre. One small gripe two guys holding house, costumed please Penny.

Thank you TTT Company a very enjoyable evening.