Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Date 24th October 2018
Society Felling Stage Society
Venue The Dryden Centre, Gateshead
Type of Production Musical
Director Lyn Dos Santos
Musical Director Johnny Winter
Choreographer Lisa Harland


Author: Foster Johnson

During their 95 years existence Felling Stage Society in its many incarnations have presented to their many followers and the general public at large,some wonderful and iconic pieces of musical theatre. I have had the pleasure of witnessing a number of them,although I hasten to add,not the inaugural one in 1923.

Having said that however, I have to say that ,in my humble opinion,I have never witnessed a better production from the Company than their offering of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was a spectacular show in every sense of the word and from start to finish had everything one could wish for..It had an excellent cast from Principals to both Adult, and Junior,Ensembles alike., Choreography of the highest order, wonderful musical interpretation from a fine orchestra, attractive costumes, outstanding scenery and props ,and last but not least sound and lighting that completed the overall spectacular look of the show.

Of course with the musical works of the two "Sirs" Lloyd Webber and Rice at your disposal one has a head start but it still takes the intuitive ability and vision of the Production team and the talented  cast  to bring them to life and provide a real theatrical experience for the audience. The Company were well served in this regard and the Directorial/Musical Directorial Team of Lyn Dos Santos and Johnny Winter showed tremendous creative ability in their interpretation of the show ..They were more than ably supported by the pictures conjured by Lisa Harland's dynamic choreography. 

As for the cast,where to start. As the song goes "we will start at the very beginning".

Marie Swan in the pivotal role of the Narrator was at her very best, with an eye catching and powerful performance that dominated and lit up the stage, portraying both strength and a gentle touch when working with the Junior Ensemble. Michael Skoyles as Joseph also delivered a bravura performance and the light and shade in his interpretation of the role drew the audience in. This was particularly so in his delivery of "Close Every Door" and "Any Dream Will Do".

Colin Coulson was as always the consummate professional and once again he showed this array of ability  in the role of Jacob.  Darren Lynton doubling up the roles of the Pharaoh and brother Dan demonstrated his fine acting,singing,and dancing skills.He was particularly entertaining as a mocked up Elvis Presley in his rendition of "King of my Heart" and had the audience eating from the palm of his hand.

Alongside him,the other brothers were played by Kev Rhodes(Reuben) Ian Nugent (Simeon)Bruce Nicholson(Levi and Potiphar) Mark Lake (Naphtali) Stephen Stokoe(Issachar) Joe Coulson (Asher) Matt Charlton(Zebulun)Jack Pellew(Gad) Leon Gill(Judah)and Marcus Cain (Benjamin) They were a tremendous unit and their singing, movement and inter action was spot on Their interpretations of "One More Angel in Heaven", "Those Canaan Days" and "Benjamin Calypso" were something special.and together with the ladies of the ensemble performed the "Hoedown" with verve and gusto.

Both the Adult and Junior Ensembles were faultless and their own singing and movement were good as were those ensemble members  who were called upon to deliver dialogue .

To wrap the show up those contributors who are not often seen but whose contributions are vital deserve a mention. This includes the  Stage Management Team of Dee Wood and Mark Lake, Alan Graham Costumiers, A1 Stage for scenery and props,and Tyne Audio for sound and lighting by Paul Oliver.