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Jesus Christ Superstar


30th May 2014


Eastbourne Operatic & Dramatic Society


Devonshire Park Theatre Eastbourne

Type of Production



Neil Sellman

Musical Director

Carl Greenwood


Nikki Leach


Author: Brenda Gower

Not many amateur societies would be able to stage a rock opera to this standard - it was a very powerful production, full of intense emotion.  Carl Greenwood musically directed from the keyboard and with his group of talented musicians made the sound which is so essential in a piece such as this.  Gareth Brighton gave an exceptional performance as Judas Iscariot, using his powerful presence to great effect.  Nathan Morris brought the scriptures alive with his portrayal of Jesus as a young man wholly intent on his purpose in the world, showing anger and doubt yet being able to die for mankind.  Sam Summerbell gave a really senstive performance as Mary Magdalene, using her lovely voice to great effect  The sinister character of Caiaphas the High Preist was played so well by James Bell and he was strongly supported by Clem Jackson as Annas and Mick Woodhams and Nick Reynolds as the two Priests.  Decadence abounded in Dave Nicholls characterisation of Herod and I could almost feel the lashes that Pilate (Richard Locke) so viciously punished Jesus with.  The rest of the cast worked so hard in whatever mood was portrayed and Nikki Leach's choreograpbhy made all the movement seem so natural.  Costumes and setting were ideal and Director Neil Sellman's special touches, including the excellent representation of da Vinci's "Last Supper," captured the whole spirit of the piece.  I am so glad it ended as it did with Christ on the cross (although we know there is much more to this everlasting story than that) with no curtain calls.  Due to all the hard work undertaken in this production, audiences were able to be part of the greatest story ever told.