Jesus Christ Superstar

Date 21st March 2014
Society Airdrie & Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Society
Venue Sir John Wilson Town Hall, Airdrie
Type of Production Rock Opera
Director Thomas Gemmell
Musical Director Alan Fraser
Choreographer Lisa Kennedy


Author: David Black

The Society rose to the challenge for successfully presenting this dramatic rock opera.  Steven Struthers provided an outstanding performance, brilliantly dramatizing the suffering of Jesus Christ making full use of his impressive vocal range.  His performance was equally matched by Kris Morrison as Judas Iscariot and both worked well together to portray the political and interpersonal struggle which existed between them.  Laura Shepherd provided an excellent Mary Magdalene, who delighted the audience in her interpretation of ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’.  Iain Runciman and Steve Lambie were well cast as Apostles Simon and Peter and  were joined by the other Apostles Shaun Boyle, Eddie Gouther, Jack Gouther, Gavin Hawkins, Grant Johnston, Colin Fraser McCrum, Lewis Paul and Patrick Rafferty.  Douglas Muir commanded the stage as the High Priest, Caiphas and was ably joined by Jim Connell as Annas and Grant Johnston, Gavin Hawkins and Gerard McGeachy, the other Priests.  Robert Taylor provided a first class performance as Pontius Pilate, as did Bill McCloy in portraying King Herod.  The entire company made full use of the auditorium and the striking set on stage.  All must be highly commended for the energy and passion they each brought to the production.  Full credit must also be given to Thomas Gemmell, for this creative direction, Lisa Kennedy for choreography and to Alan Fraser, Musical Director and Ross Angus his assistant, for providing musical direction in this vocally demanding show.