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Jeeves & Wooster - Perfect Nonsense


8th November 2017


Carlton Players


Birkenhead Little Theatre


Author: Christine Hunter Hughes

This play written by contains all the favourite characters of the famous (or should that be infamous) Jeeves and Wooster but is actually penned by The Goodale Brothers and is an excellent representation of the original stories.  

It is however, written as a three hander with a cast list of 12.  So a total of 11 parts, of both sexes are played by two male actors - namely Jeeves and Seppings. (Bertie remains the only ‘constant). This obviously presents a number of challenges and some excellent characterisation is required to ensure the audience are not too confused.  The nature of the play also means that must go at a cracking pace.  On many occasions actors are required to breach the 4th wall and speak direct to audience, and as if that were not enough play is set in a number of different locations. So lots and lots of challenges. 

I must say that Carlton Players rose to the challenge wonderfully and produced an evening of many laugh out loud moment thoroughly enjoyed by the entire audience.  The numerous settings were achieved a plain basic set then by mobile scenery to give an indication of place – including at one stage a bath tub.

The technical crew had their work cut out as on many occasions one person was on stage having a conversation with a different character who was in the wings changing from one character to another.  It worked well and we were able to hear everything.

The acting was good.  The play required and delivered excellent chemistry and somehow believable relationships across the whole character list.   The three members of the cast were believable, focussed and compelling to watch.  The lines were absolutely secure and vocally each of the various characters matched the character perfectly.  So even with the numerous scene changes and what felt like almost constant costume (and character) changes there was absolutely no drop in pace. 

My congratulations to the Director, Cast and Crew for such an entertaining and fun evening which was so very well done.  Thank you.