Date 17th November 2017
Society Rhyl & District Musical Theatre Company
Director Richard Aaron Davies
Musical Director Craig Price
Choreographer Gail Astle


Author: Lyn Emmerson

This piece, based on the novel ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde’ by Robert Louis Stevenson, had a modern twist to it. Set in the here and now, the Director truly brought to the fore the two sides of Dr Jeckyll, and the whole Production Team must be congratulated on presenting this sinister story.

The demanding role of Henry Jeckyll/ Edward Hyde was in the hands of experienced Drew Noble and as I perused the programme, I had no doubt that Drew would come up to my expectation. What a performance! It was evident that Drew had thoroughly researched his role, and his tenor/baritone voice coped well with all musical numbers. The flick of his hair together his grunting, added to his interpretation of this complex and scary character. Hardly ever off the stage, Drew executed the twelve musical numbers in Act 1 and six in Act 2 with ease, with four consecutive numbers in Act 1. His delivery of the well-known ‘This Is The Moment’ was a particular highlight, and his duets with other cast members were well controlled. The transformation from Jeckyll to Hyde was excellent, and Drew was totally immersed throughout the performance bringing out the frustration, horror and sometimes a hint of tenderness to his role. His characterization was of a professional standard and so believable. Well Done!

Jess Griffiths again hit the top notes with her portrayal as Jeckyll’s fiancé, ‘Emma Carew’, her soprano voice fully doing justice to the difficult score. I particularly enjoyed ‘Once Upon A Dream’ which was well received by the audience. Another feather in cap of Kat Hewish as ‘Lucy’. She led the ladies with ‘Bring OnThe Men’, and her powerful mezzo soprano voice was just perfect for ‘Someone Like You’. Lovely duets from these two characters particularly ‘In His Eyes’. Another sterling contribution from George Kelly as ‘Sir Danvers Carew’, Jeckyll’s future Father in Law, and Michael Bradshaw as Gabriel ‘John’ Utterson, Jeckyll’s Lawyer. Good contributions from the Board of Governors of St Jude’s Hospital – Bishop of Basingstoke: Craig Lee Jones, General Lord Glossop: Eddie Green, Lady Savage: Carol Williams, Lady Beaconsfield: Angela Griffiths, and Sir Archibald Proops: Ian Gunning, together with Secretary Simon Stride, competently played by baritone, Josh Price. Elaine Bradshaw Jones as Nellie: and Craig Semple as Poole, Jeckyll’s manservant completed the talented cast.

Ensemble was well drilled in their tasks with ‘Façade’ and ‘Murder Murder’ being highlights. As well as the brilliant choreography and complicated harmonies in these numbers, one could see the fear in the faces of those onstage which added to the macabre plot, and sent shivers down one’s spine. Set, props, and effects were adequate for the piece, which added to a most successful production and afforded a standing ovation from a very appreciative audience. So glad I had company on the way home PHEW!! Congratulations all.