Jack and the Beanstalk

Date 30th January 2015
Society Sprowston Parish Players
Venue St Cuthbert's Church, Sprowston
Type of Production pantomime
Director Sheila Tuffield


Author: Susan DuPont

Some really good company singing for the audience to enjoy, offered an opportunity for the whole company to show what they can do.
 An interesting story-line, slightly modified from the more traditional version, but fun and good for the characters in the company. An excellent principal boy, Grace Porter, quite feisty and dynamic (a real rebel), a good strong singing voice, and how well she worked with the more demur principal girl Florrie (Tanz Dickson), a good couple at the centre of the story.
 What an amazingly glamourous Dame Trott from James Antcliff-Stone, how did he manage to be so swift on his feet with those stiletto heels, and yet all the comedy timing there as befits the role of Dollie Trott. And the other parent in this story, Dean Akrill as the Village Policeman, and we watched all those moves and the odd dance step in fascination.
 On the opposing sides of good and evil, Lynsey Boston (Haricot Vere) and Corinna Loughton (Haricot Noir) were both so strong in diction and song and huge personality, very good in competition. And how we enjoyed the boos.
 Also in the village, and with nice voices and good numbers, the Hen Farmer (Denise Jermy), the Harpist (Anton Morino), the Diva (Bethany Gathergood), and the Lady of the Manor (Lynne Boston); whilst down from above the clouds the servants to the Giant, Cook ((Toni Morino) and Housekeeper (Julie Hagan-Palmer).
 Joe Earl was very busy as Marigold the Cow, do not think I have ever seen a one-person shape before, but he did well.
 Whoever made the Giant deserves congratulations, a massive head and so realistic and quite frightening to the villagers. You really should try to sell on to someone like Dereham Theatre Costumes as it would be a crime to destroy it (and their's was already on stage at Old Buckenham).
 And what a nice project to get Angel Road Junior School to create and embellish such a substantial bean stalk to climb. Hopefully the class all came to see it.