Jack and the Beanstalk

Date 17th December 2023
Society Billboard Ensemble Barry
Venue Memorial Hall, Barry
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Shane Rose-Goodsir and Ceri Goodwin
Musical Director Geraint Bessant
Choreographer Alyn Johnson


Author: Allan Mears

The story of Jack and the Beanstalk is of course a familiar one, and all the expected elements were present and correct but wow what a long pantomime.

Alannah-Jade Thomas – Jack – lead the cast with a good portrayal of the character, was clearly happy and relaxed in the title role.

Seren Allen – Jill – gave an innocent but good performance.

Rhiannon Rose-Goodsir – Fairy Fiona – guided us through the story with a smile and was the typical 'good fairy' and gave a polished, confident performance with excellent diction and projection.

Michael Bennett – Dame Dotty – provided a significant link throughout and was played in classical panto style, delivering a strong performance and had a good rapport with the audience.

Harri Herniman – Silly Billy – got the audience on his side right from the start and kept the show bubbling along with ease, and he had a great rapport with the audience.

Clare Timney-Lewis – Cow – gave us the most endearing character, her performance was excellent and how the audience loved her.

Anthony Thomas – King – gave a good comic performance.

Rhys Dean – Fleshcreep – was played with great strength and came across as deviously evil and a fantastic henchman to the giant. The boos he received were a testament to a truly evil portrayal.

Supporting the main cast were a large chorus of adults and children who were were kept very busy with interesting varied choreography.

Costumes were bright and colourful, scenery was good and multifunctional which worked well. Lighting supplied by Lightsource Production Services worked well with both costumes and scenery.