Jack and the Beanstalk

Date 17th February 2022
Society Mundesley Players
Venue Coronation Hall, Mundesley
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Cheryl Collings
Musical Director Tracey Loftus
Choreographer Annamarie Sterne


Author: Susan DuPont

Reduced seating but full auditorium enjoying to the full this good paced script (with our favourite terrible old jokes) with good story line for the children. This was a half-term special for the folk of Mundesley (and raising funds for local charities).

Very colourful and excellent scenic backdrops from Nigel and Brenda Holmes to set the scenes. Colourful costumes for the big cast who obviously enjoyed being back on stage.

Unlike so many other groups, Mundesley went ahead with a big cast: adult and junior ensembles plus excellent dancers, and all the named roles at their most vibrant (and a daily covid test for half term). Some really good lively ‘big company numbers’, a feel good factor.

What a nasty character and huge personality in Fleshcreep from Bea Gatfield, how we loved to boo this malevolent servant to the Giant, very strong.  And not to be ignored and the spirit of Mundesley panto, a great tradition, Sheila Olley kept us all on cue with the story line as the Norfolk Fairy.

The Trot family big in this script. Neil Ellson again back in Dame role, extravert, well timed and hopefully in charge of his sons with fun for all in traditional spirit. Our hero Jack from Louise Waller in fine spirit and voice and determined to beat the Giant, and brother Silly Billy from Jac Gatfield who extracted the most reaction from the audience with his jokes and stupidity and excellent timing throughout. And not to forget a favourite with all, Daisy the Cow from Pam Tidd, a good family for a ‘family panto’.

To the Royalty side of the story and a competent King Crumble from John King in despair over money and what would happen after kidnap of his very attractive daughter Princess Apricot from Sophie Lewis, with very nice voice, and she worked well with Lottie Waller.

And not to forget John Bull in the massive head (from Dereham Theatre Costumes) as he stumbled around his kitchen chasing Jack, a shock for the children in seeing and hearing this Giant Blunderbore, all part of the story.

A really good traditional family pantomime with story, good characters, and lots of energetic and strong singing and dance from the company, just what was needed after the covid lockdown, ideal.