Jack and the Beanstalk

Date 6th December 2018
Society Sleaford Little Theatre
Venue The Playhouse, Sleaford
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Helen Hill
Choreographer Kelsey Pakes


Author: Peter Breach

This is another cracking pantomime script from Alan P Frayn that contains the traditional characters and story line but has been updated to include lots of new jokes, one liners and panto puns that will be quickly grasped by both young and old in the audience. The script also contains helpful advisory comments to assist players with the interpretation of their respective characters and requisite actions which should greatly assist in ensuring that a good pace is maintained. Following the lively opening of the show, choreographed by Kelsey Pakes and performed by the dancers and chorus, it was time to become acquainted with the principal players in the cast as the story unfolded.

 Jack (played by Molly Backhouse) was one of the Dame’s sons who performed with much confidence and stage presence.

Dame Dotty Dimple (played by Craig Pakes) was quite at ease in fancy dresses and high heels!

Simple Simon (played by Laura Griffin) very quickly established a wonderful repartee with the youngsters in the audience, of whom there were many.

Piccalilli (played by Joanne Moules) was really threatening as the wicked witch.

Fairy Stardust (played by Rebecca Clark) calmed and effectively reassured the audience by countering Piccalilli’s threats.

Rancid the Ratman (played by David Malkin) through his manner and appearance did well to create a feeling of unease amongst members of the audience.

King Crumble (played by Kei Bailey) was excellent as an eccentric ruler.

Queen Apricot (played by Sarah Covill) did a sterling job keeping an eye on her husband!

Princess Charlotte (played by Lily Inkpin) gave the audience much pleasure with her vocal skills.

Snachet (played by Linda Mallett) was paired with Scarper (played by Callum Thursby) to form the crooked couple who, through their combined efforts, were responsible for extracting much laughter from the audience with their silly antics.

Humphrey (played by Elodie Tomlinson) was the model of propriety as the palace official.

Buster Gut-Bucket (played by Jonny Hoare) was most impressive as the giant with his powerful voice and balancing skills which enabled him to tower way above everyone else on stage.

Congratulations to Garry Goodge and Clive Musson who performed as “Buttermilk” the cow, their proficiency as bovine dancers would surely have won them first place on “Strictly Come Dancing”!

Well done all who were involved in this great team event, your combined efforts delivered fine entertainment which was recognised by a very, very enthusiastic and appreciative audience.