Jack and The Beanstalk

Date 12th January 2013
Society Caprian Theatre Company
Venue Dryden Centre, Gateshead
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Ernie Wilson
Musical Director Enid Stafford
Choreographer Cheryl Hewitt


Author: Gwyneth Hunter

“Oh no it isn’t, Oh yes it is”----- another successful panto for Caprian Theatre Company. On a rainy and cold Saturday afternoon it was great to be transported to Pantoland and forget everything else. There were lots of children in the audience, and it was great to see and hear their reactions. They booed, cheered, clapped and laughed their way through, loving every minute.

As always, Kevin Riley was brilliant as the dame, Dolly Durden. His comedy timing and general rapport with both audience and cast is always spot on. Lyndsay  Kellegher, as Jack, and Helen McKenry, as Princess Marigold, looked and sounded great as principal boy and girl. Simon Devlin as Simple Simon was a very agile character, working well with the children in the audience, making them cheer and laugh. In contrast, Ernie Wilson, as Fleshcreep, created plenty of antagonism and boos from the children.

Caprian always try to have something special in their panto every year. This year it came in the form of David Charlton as the giant Blunderbore. I was very brave of the society to have a visible giant, as this is often just an offstage voice. David was excellent and moved really well.

Add to all this an appealing cow called Daisy, a great young chorus, fabulous costumes and a great band. Well done yet again, Caprian.