Jack and his Amazing Multi-Coloured Beanstalk

Date 15th December 2019
Society Newport Pantomime & Musical Society
Venue Pantomime Hall - Newport
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Gerald Needs
Musical Director Gareth Rawle-Jones
Choreographer Vanessa Clarke


Author: Sharon Davies

This young group, the youth version of the well established Newport Pantomime Society, never ceases to amaze me with the talent that is on the stage.

They had all the elements of a traditional style panto...Oh yes they did...

The Narator, Ruby Ainge, kept the story going and added a few asides during the performance.

Jack (Ffion Bassett) was good as the thigh slapping principle boy, while Lizzy (Evie Langley) was his typical teenage sister and along with Zak (Jasmine Swift) the not so brave boyfriend, all worked well together and gave good performances.

We did not have a Dame but Seren Bayliss-Huish ,who  played Jack’s  mother did the job well.

The chorus all played several parts and their enthusiasm showed throughout the performance, their sang and danced with gusto.

Baron Smug (Zackery Stone) what a performer... he was the perfect panto  villain. He interacted with the audience, had us booing and hissing every time he came on stage. His diction whilst speaking or singing was clear and concise. Very well done.

As I said before the enthusiasm was great but I was most impressed when due to a technical failure the lights went off and after a short pause the cast carried on in semi darkness, not in the least thrown. This, to me, shows that they are being given a good grounding in performance arts.

Well done on a great little show, its always a pleasure to attend.