Invasion From Planet Zorgon

Date 25th May 2019
Society Harleston Players
Venue Arcgbishop Sancroft High School Studio
Type of Production Play
Director Vicki Hurst
Musical Director Liz Brown (Singing)
Producer Rachel Cook


Author: Terry Rymer

This was always going to be a show to appeal to most young actors of a certain age (ok the younger end)! This group were truly energised to bring this ‘Sci Fi’ adventure to the stage as they entered into the unlikely turn of events in a sleepy Wild West town with real energy and commitment.

There were parts for all which included dancing and singing as well as acting. We had the unlikely dapper Wilbur Wigglesworth (Joseph Faulkner), arriving somewhat unexpectedly in the ‘Hum drum’ Town where he was greeted by the vivacious Ma Popsley (Amelia Cook), who gave this show some real gravitas, with her well portrayed role of the bar ‘hostess’, not familiar with habits of the wider world. She was outstanding, and really showed how to steal a show with great facials and never losing concentration throughout her pivotal role. Other actors fed off her confidence as this unlikely tale delivered some odd characters, with the townsfolk, unsurprisingly it seems all named …Sue! Betty-Sue (Chanel Kirt), Bobby-Sue (Gabriel Allum-Sindall), Billy-Sue (Aidan Tully), a well intentioned Sherriff (Lucy Rayner), with Deputy (Violet-Blue Jones) and traditional Cowboys (Tilly Binns, Rachel Hall, Oscar Seaman), with good old Elmer (Michael Glover). As the director says…”Yee-haw”. Some quick changes ahead!

Now here comes the exciting bit, as some military style aliens arrive and declare their surprising interest in Hum Drum Town. The Great Zorg ( Jessica Brown) well defined Queen of Zorgon, making a real entrance to ‘Starship Trooper’, with her entourage of Zorgon Officers (Kathleen Carter, Caitlin Hirst), plus Zorgon Troopers (Alysha Gooda, Joanna MacMillan, Tilly Binns, Rachel Hall), Hmm quick change Cowboys !!... resplendent in their capes and sparkling silver hair. They gave us a taste of Alien domination and certainly made it clear they were here to take over! Dance and movement were a real highlight.

There were some lively musical numbers and several more cameo parts Mayor (Eliza Weston), Chauffeur (Christopher Pickard), other parts of Doctor, Calamity Jane, Calamity Johnny and Calamity Josephine were transported from previous roles as was the diminutive but all powerful Fred Gordon Super Hero (Aidan Tully…again x3!)…We even had a great addition from suave 002- 1/2 (William Woodrow) but on our night (Oscar Seaman), taking on the role with style, even dealing with the attentions of Miss Moneypenny! (Joanna MacMillan).

The musical numbers were a great addition to this fun show and effects were also well used. The whole cast are to be congratulated on their enthusiasm and I am sure many will learn much from this performance which, although short, was great fun, and we look forward to seeing some of them at the Great Yarmouth Arts Festival Drama evening in June. Well done.