Into the Woods

Date 20th November 2015
Society Petersfield Theatre Group
Venue Petersfield Festival Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Penny Young
Musical Director Philip Young
Choreographer Libby Stockel


Author: Barbara Fairclough

INTO THE WOODS has all the characters in our favourite fairy-tales from the brothers Grimm (Cinderella, Little Red Riding-Hood, Rapunzel and  Jack and the Beanstalk) living in the same kingdom. This creates a very intriguing show with all the fairy tales being inter-twined and certainly keeping the audience involved and wondering which way the plot is going next.  Although from the opening scene, with the help of the scenery, costumes and the narrator, the plot of the story unfolded. The cast were in fine voice with some excellent singing and all dialogue was very clear.

The first impression of the excellent set certainly set the scene of all the different fairy-tales and though the show had some quick scene changes, they worked very well. The lighting and special effects were instrumental in creating the atmosphere needed to get the tension of the story. The sound was great between the voices and the orchestra, so much so that every word was heard from cast in dialogue and singing. The music and difficult songs were performed with great confidence.

The costumes were excellent, very colourful and in keeping with all the characters within the four fairy-tales. All of the members of the cast performed with great confidence within the different stories, making it difficult to chose between them all.

Finally, the production by Petersfield Theatre Group  was performed with all the cast maintaining their focus and being completely into the action. A great evening was had by all the audience, which showed in the fantastic applause at the end of the evening..