Into The Woods

Date 5th October 2017
Society LOS Musical Theatre
Venue Lewes Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Kath Reynolds
Musical Director Carl Greenwood
Choreographer Liz Kaye


Author: Brenda Gower

As soon as we walked into the auditorium at Lewes Town Hall we were definitely “Into the Woods” as the scenery took us there together with the lovely bird song.  We were then ready for the journey into the dark places and the fairy tales commenced, with Michael Bulman as the ideal narrator also appearing at times as Mysterious Man.

The orchestra, directed by Carl Greenwood, although hidden from sight in the woods  gave superb accompaniment throughout to the excellent singing from all the cast.

The principals were really made up of families with the Baker and his wife (Ray Gabbard and Michelle Dennis), Jack and his mother (Alastair Hargreaves and Michele Restieux), Cinderella played by Louise Moseley and her horrid Stepmother, and two stepsisters – Florinda & Lucinda (Kate Toomer, Amy Hunter and Leah Carr), Cinderella’s family also comprising her Father (Phil Lucas) and her Mother & Granny (Jane Tingley) – all leaving us in no doubt as to their characters due to their superb acting.

 Gina Cameron was the Witch whose spell had to be broken – a great performance, with her daughter Rapunzel played by Gracie Bannon using her beautiful voice quite effortlessly.  The two Princes (Harry Morris and Sam Cartwright) were absolutely in character, with their “Agony” duet being very much appreciated.

Duncan Taylor-Jones played Wolf and Prince’s Steward and in both roles gave great value.  We tend to think of Little Red Riding Hood as quite a nice little girl in fairy stories but in the woods Raphy McDavitt-Lowe was a very cheeky, naughty character who thoroughly enjoyed wearing her wolf skin cloak!  The six Spirits of the woods created the right atmosphere throughout – great makeup and costume.

There was a happy ending for all at the interval but things were definitely to be continued in quite another direction in the second half as this is a dark fairy tale with havoc being wreaked by the Giant (Gloria Hunt) whose terrifying voice we heard. Life can never be taken for granted in the woods!

LOS are so fortunate to have such a talented team of backstage workers – everything on stage worked so well with great attention to wardrobe, makeup etc.  The programme as usual was well laid out and it was especially interesting to read the article about Milky White the cow – well done to those involved in her manufacture.

Well done indeed to all involved in this production.  Director Kath Reynolds, MD Carl Greenwood, Director of Movement Liz Kaye and the whole company should be proud to have brought to Lewes another piece of theatrical excellence.