High School Musical

Date 23rd September 2016
Society Blyth Music and Theatre Company Ltd
Venue Blyth Academy
Type of Production Musical
Director Jackie Grey/June Fisher
Choreographer Lucy Fisher


Author: R J Lowry

There’s a test I sometime apply to this type of production (an ensemble youth production): it’s the “do I need to know someone in the cast to enjoy watching it?” question. This show passes the test; it was a great endeavour, a pleasure to watch even if the cast were strangers. The energy and verve buoyed the performance along. It was performed in a school gym (partly the setting of the action) and the company made good use of the floor space . They overcame a few snags with the sound (only principals were miked) and coped surprisingly well with the backing track, very rarely getting slightly out of sync - a skill not often mastered by professionals. Josie Todd, Daniel Bloxham, Callum Picton and Lucy Fisher were engaging and powerful as the leads but they weren’t the only stars of the show. Indeed there was never a dull moment whether with solo, duo or the whole cast working their hearts out. Every single member of the cast played a vital and captivating part in the enjoyment. And to keep this high level of energy and focus for the whole show is very commendable. Well done to the cast and the support team (this sort of production needs an army behind the scenes). Many a relative will have gone home with a glow in their hearts.