Date 9th October 2019
Society The DODS
Venue Lister Hall, Dursley
Type of Production Musical
Director Jalea Ward
Musical Director Damian Kenny
Choreographer Amanda Voss with Amy Docherty
Producer -


Author: Dee Way for Delia Lee

This show set in Maplins Holiday Camp in 1959 asks to be played with energy and verve, with clear characterisation while also establishing the feel of the period and situation.  This delightful production certainly fulfilled these requirements completely.  On this the first night, the show was already a resounding success. 

The set was ingenious in combining the manager's office with the staff rest room, two bedrooms and a small dance floor in different parts of the stage.  This gave scope for the action to move quickly from space to space without the need for scene changes, thereby ensuring very good continuity. The Director made very good use of this adaptability by linking short scenes together and overlapping the action in places. The excellent script was used to perfection in creating comic situations and gags, adding to the characterisations.

The music was nicely played throughout. Siting the musicians away from the stage gave a sense of inclusion in the action for the audience and worked very well on this occasion. The sound was balanced and well cued while the lighting was excellent, with good differentiation of the different acting areas. 

There was wide variety of pace and form in the dance routines.  Choreography was innovative and well performed, with high levels of energy and at times a real sense of fun. The Egyptian dance and rock and roll were very good while the opening routine was fantastic!  Costumes were good: the bright yellow jackets with the blue trim certainly stood out and the dustbin costume was amazing!  Wigs, hair and make up were all very good.

The performances onstage were excellent: the new manager Jeffrey Fairbrother was very well played as the academic feeling somewhat out of place as Entertainments Manager. Gladys Pugh, his secretary, was wonderfully flirtatious and made the most of some suggestive sections of script.   Peggy Ollerenshaw totally embodied the persona of the chalet cleaner with high ambition, and with a lovely accent.   Ted Bovis was played very well as the disillusioned Camp Host, supported by the remainder of the cast who created clear and believable characters.  The group scenes were very well done and totally realistic while the drunk scene was hilarious!  The singing and dancing were all very well performed, with good energy levels, discipline and sensitivity. 

Altogether this show was a joy to watch.  Congratulations to you all!