Happy Days

Date 17th May 2013
Society Llandudno Musical Productions
Venue Theatr Colwyn
Director Anne Davenport
Musical Director Richard Aaron Davies
Choreographer Anne Davenport, Lara Crawford, Tania Hayes


Author: Lyn Emmerson – Reviewed by Ian Wilson

Based on the 70s hit TV comedy the musical captures the atmosphere of the 1950s. Set in Arnold’s diner and surrounding area the story evolves ( loosely ) around raising money to save Arnold’s diner from developers. Using very simple but effective staging and stunning lighting and sound this very talented company created all the locations needed, including a dream scene that brought back Elvis, live on stage!

After a slow start the cast soon picked up the energy which this show needs and the audience settled down into a lively, colourful, comical and tuneful show. With no well known songs apart from the theme song from the TV show the musical has many good songs of its own, and with a cast of 18 principals plus chorus there was enough to keep everyone busy.

With some outstanding acting and singing performances, notably from Lara Crawford as Marion Cunningham, Anna Roberts as Joanie Cunningham and the four lads, Craig Lee Jones, Jamie Toffrey, Mark Rogers and Laith Jawazi as The Dialtones, who's harmony singing was faultless, well done. Kirstin O'Direain as Pinky and Malc Angelsea as ''The Fonz'' complete the line up. Malc had a more difficult role than most, in that he was playing one of the most iconic figures from the 70s he played it well but for me personally he just wasn't my ''Fonz''. 

I would also mention an excellent female chorus, their singing and harmonies were delightful. The choreography helped to give the show its classic 1950s atmosphere with a very well executed slap/clapping sequence.