Hansel and Gretel

Date 28th May 2016
Society Christchurch Music Society - Newport
Venue Christchurch Church Hall
Director Jan Parfitt
Musical Director Ellen Routley
Choreographer Katie Brown, Amy Kempson, Hollie Kempson and Katie Middleton


Author: Sharon Davies

This musical, although performed by mainly youngsters, appeals to all ages with its 60’s musical style, costumes and choreography, and I for one enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

For those that don’t know the story involves taking a converted red London Transport bus across Europe, picking up various passengers on the way, including a runaway singer who is disguised as a young boy.

The music was bright and lively and all of the chorus were fully involved as is usual with this society.

All the principles were good in their parts and all coped well with both the music and the small stage area. I particularly enjoyed Diane Ebo as Stella, the mother and Kyle McNeill as Jerry, a good comedy duo. Matt McCabe (Don) and Katie Brown ( Barbara) good performances although I did have difficulty believing her as a young boy.

Good harmonies from both the trio’s of girls. Also there was a good rapport between the boys.

The scene changes were quick and the show flowed well.

All the numbers were known to a large number of the audience and we were all humming along and tapping our feet, especially the full ensemble at the end.

This Society never fail to produce a very enjoyable and entertaining show.

Well done, and thank you for your invitation, I look forward to your next production.