Hansel and Gretel

Date 29th January 2016
Society Christchurch Music Society - Newport
Venue Christchurch Church Hall
Director Bryn Middleton
Musical Director Liz McAinsh
Choreographer Katie Brown


Author: Sharon Davies

This Pantomime was from an original script by Rhys Bebb, a society member, and only goes to prove what talent there is in the area. The twist of making the gingerbread house into a cake factory brought this pantomime up to date with the current interest in all things baking.

The woodland folk lead by Willow (Katie Brown), Twiglet (Matthew McCabe) and Pip (Angela Everett) gave good performances and the costumes were bright and colourful.

The sweet eating birds, Tweet (Hollie Kempson) and Twerp( Sarah Purnell) gave us some lovely comedy moments while Scary Berry ( Susanne Duthie) and Iago( Rhys Bebb) provided the ”Boo and Hiss” moments.

The Zimmerman Family, Hansel (Kyle McNeil) Getel (Amy Kempson) and Bob Zimmerman (Steve Duthie) all well cast, and the Heaven Zimmerman (Pete Routley) gave a good, typical pantomime dame performance.

The costumes and set were bright and colourful, and the set was moved with its usual efficiency. My only observation was that some of the musical numbers were not as recognisable as usual in a pantomime, resulting in some of the audience and the younger members of the audience appearing a bit restless.

However this society always puts its all into any production and this was no exception.

Well done and thank you for your invitation, I look forward to your next production.