Hansel and Gretel

Date 14th December 2017
Society Woodfield Entertainers
Venue Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Lissea Jordan
Musical Director Bruce Arnold
Choreographer Chorus Choreographer - Lissea Jordan


Author: Harry Cumming

This panto was the first to be written and directed by Lissea Jordan a talented young lady and I hope she goes on to write many more. The story closely follows the well-known fairy tale. Bad step mother, lost children, wicked witch and happy ending.

From arrival at the Memorial Hall with a welcoming smile to departing, the atmosphere showed that this was a company who worked and played well as a group under the lead of their Chair Person Jenny Gamache and Committee.

The Programme was simple to follow and well designed and would recommend that it be put forward for the Programme Competition. I was pleased to see the NODA Emblem on the front cover which more Societies should remember to do.

The music and singing blended well along with the Chorus and individual number. The Chorus was of a mixed aged from 7 to ? augmented by the Amica Dances, performance was well disciplined always there at the right time with a smile and good reaction to what was happening on stage. I would have liked to have heard some light music filling in during the scene changes. With the limited facilities in most village and community halls, the scenery fitted in and gave off the right atmosphere. Costumes from the Sparkly Dame to the Furry Forest Animals were well thought out - congratulations to the Wardrobe Team although a little imagination was needed to interpret what animal they were when they first appeared. I feel the Hansel & Gretel costume looked a little modern and Hansel would possibly have been in shorts.

Thomas Thorburn and Laura Hillier complimented each other as Hansel and Gretel - lovely to see young talent given a chance. While Judy Abbot was a credit to witches everywhere, Susan Graves played her part well but I don’t think she could be a cruel Step Mother as she has such a kindly face. Neil Edwards was a worthy Dame with encouragement to the Audience in participation and the usual corny jokes. (But OH! Those Lips). The Goblins played by Graham Thorburn other than a slight prompt were always around to carry out mischief. With the rest of the cast doubling up as the real Mother, Father, Gingerbread Monsters. forest creatures and villagers, made a most enjoyable evening. I was pleased to represent Jon Fox the Area Rep I would be happy to see further performances of this group.