Date 29th March 2012
Society Newtown Musical Theatre Company
Venue Hafren, The Entertainment Venue, Newtown
Type of Production Musical
Director Kat Bond & Chris Clarke
Musical Director Kat Bond
Choreographer Team led by Kat Bond


Author: Lyn Emmerson (on behalf of Jackie Titley)

The Directors made full use of the amenities available, including the new flying equipment, for this large cast production of this popular musical. Quiet and professional changes of scenery from backstage staff. Plenty of action in the eye-catching first scene of Mr Shalford’s Drapery Emporium with all the appropriate props made one sit up and take note.

Brilliant portrayal from Gareth McMurdo as Kipps. This was a huge role and Gareth exploited the different moods of the character and his singing was a triumph. Karen McMurdo emerged as the downtrodden Ann, Kipp’s long suffering girlfriend, giving a fine performance, expressive in all aspects of the role. Her solo “I Know What I Am” beautifully delivered. Great to see trio of young shop boys, Elliott Hopkins – Buggins, Rob Jones – Pearce and Jorge Bowen – Sid and their sidekick Minton played by Oliver Jones, with good performances from Shop Girls Salina Price, Jodie Breakwell and Annie Semple as Flo, Kate and Victoria respectively. Professional characterisation from Mike Clarke as eccentric actor-playwrite, Chitterlow and Andrew Bond as Scrooge-like Emporium boss, Mr Shalford. Polished performances from Vivica Flynn as pretentious Mrs Walsingham and her upper-crust daughter Helen, who tries to change Kipps, demurely portrayed by Sian Esslemont. Good contribution from toffee-nosed waster Richard Jones as William Walsingham.

Chorus well choreographed and rehearsed, always something going on to keep one’s attention – loved the cricket match. Good to see youngsters in cast. Appropriate costumes and striking backcloths added sparkling touch.