Date 13th November 2015
Society Rhyl & District Musical Theatre Company
Director Rob Stevens
Musical Director Craig Price
Choreographer Rob Stevens



I am often sceptical of Concert versions of Musical Theatre but my concerns were quashed at the commencement of this production. Narrator, Barry Billinge strolled on to the stage and presented the whole piece, taking us on a journey to New York City. Barry gave us a solid performance in this important role and his accent never faltered throughout the evening.

Drew Noble gave a very convincing portrayal of perpetual gambler, Sky Masterson who loses his heart to the most unlikely partner, Missionary Sarah Brown played by Rhiannon Gordon. Drew’s singing was spot on and he delighted the audience in all musical tasks, blending well with Sarah in ‘I ll know’, and leading the gamblers with a rousing ‘ Luck be Your Lady Tonight’. Rhiannon was very comfortable as innocent Sarah Brown, and pulled out all the stops with ‘If I Were a Bell’

Excellent performance from Wes Wharton in the enviable role of Nicely Nicely Johnson, his timing was brilliant and he took us on a real journey with ‘Sit Down You’re Rockin the Boat’. Gail Astle was exceptional in the comedy role of Adelaide, trying to pin her boyfriend, Nathan down with a marriage date. Gail took every opportunity to extract every ounce of comedy from the script, and it certainly paid off. Adelaide’s Lament was just perfect and she led the Hot Box Girls with ‘A Bushel and a Peck’ and ‘Take Back Your Mink’

George Kelly was the perfect foil for Adelaide as Nathan Detroit, ducking and diving throughout the performance, great duet with Adelaide ‘Sue Me’

The minor roles were well executed, Ron Jones as Benny, Ashley McAllister as Harry the Horse, Bobo Poh was Big Jule and Eddie Green as the formidable Lieutenant Brannigan. Delwen Potter put her mark on the role of General Cartwright from her first entrance, and I must mention Dawn Jones as Sister Abernathy, who gave us a most touching solo ‘More I Cannot Wish You’.

Chorus numbers were well rehearsed and, scenery was minimal. As it was a concert version, ladies suitably dressed in black with touches of red, and of course the ‘red carnations’ Hair styles were of the period and the scenes, which were of course linked by the Narrator, flowed without pause. All in all, an evening spent with a superbly talented cast, together with the support of an enthusiastic chorus, which we have come to expect from this prestigious Company. – I sneezed all the way home!!