Guys and Dolls

Date 24th May 2017
Society Overton Dramatic Society
Venue St Mary's Hall, Overton
Type of Production Musical
Director Alice Ellingham and Marc Edens
Musical Director Frank Bell
Choreographer Alice Ellingham and Emma Payne


Author: Chris Horton

GUYS AND DOLLS Music and lyrics by Frank Loesser with book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows is essentially the story of two guys and two dolls. Set in the seedier side of New York of gamblers and night clubs,  one couple have been together for 14 years but have yet to tie the knot and the second couple are from different worlds and seem unlikely to even get near the knot!  This is a modern version of Guys and Dolls with mobile phones and contemporary dress.  

The set an adaptable skyline depicting street scenes, sewer, the club etc was effectively created and of high quality and cleverly designed.  There was minimal disruption during the scene changes.  Great and convincing use of props.

The lighting was excellent.  The sound was excellent with voices clear and blended well with the live music. 

Director, Alice Ellingham demonstrated her experience and talent as she drew great performances from the cast.  The opening song “I got the horse right here” with David McLaren, Paul Robinson and Andrew Walker (a difficult song to pull off) was pitch perfect.  Kate Llewellyn as Miss Adelaide filled the hall with talent showing her vulnerability in “A person could develop a cold” and  Mark Winter gave a fine performance as Nathan Deroit, Miss Adelaide’s fiancé.

The music, conducted by Simon Eastwood, created a solid sound giving the performers great lead. 

The show worked well, partly due to the sparks flying between the gifted singer Henry Deacon as Sky Masterson and sweet voiced Madeleine Spooner as Sarah Brown.  There was lots of spectacle especially the great “Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat” and “Luck be a Lady tonight”.  The principals had a terrific ensemble around them.  The whole evening was full of music, wit and buzzed with energy.  Part of the appeal of Guys and Dolls is the peek into the Underworld of New York but it seemed safe and cosy in the hands of ODS. A great night for all.